About Med Adel

Med Adel is a multilingual passionate professional Software Engineer and Technical Project Manager who can work in English, French as well as Arabic and who worked on a wide variety of projects with a wide variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds throughout his career.

During his 10+ years of career, He worked for 3 of the world greatest Software companies (Microsoft, IBM & Orange); he also founded and managed his own startup software house. All together gave him some good technical, managerial and business experiences within the software and teleco industry.
Mo is also working on some AI and NLP researches and is about to get his AI Masters’ degree from Cairo university this year.

When Med isn't glued to a computer screen, he spends his time learning Spanish, playing football and chess or planting some colorful flowers in his small garden. Mo is a real challenger person to the extinct that he even took his hobbies to the next level; Thus, he is participating in a lot of competitions in chess and football and won some good cups and prizes throughout the years.

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Med Adel Work Experiences

10+ Years

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Med Adel Main Skills

Throughout his career of 10+ years in the software production industry,
Med developed his strongest 4 main skills

Software Research

Med can use his software engineering practices in research applications to produce new software products.

Software Development

Med can use his programming skills to develop new products either from research or from life.

Product Ownership

Med has enough ownership that makes him able to take care of his products like if they are his babies.

Project Management

Because Med has already the technical skills, he may be better than scrooge saving the org.'s time and money.

Some projects Med Adel contributed in:

Some Projects

Mobile Connect - Orange Labs

Mobile Connect is one of the biggest Identity projects in Europe – having many implementations by several operators, Orange used to have its own implementation to serve its countries.

IBM Governmental Education portal for South Africa - Edu@za

Huge Educative portal created by IBM to serve the whole educational sector in South Africa including thousands of students and teachers.

Djinguest – Orange Labs

Djinguest is the innovation winner project for 2018 through all Orange Labs worldwide – this NLP system based on the Orange Djingo NLP technology will be released with the Djingo release in 2021.

Representatives Point of Sales System - Yemeni Café Systems

This Point of Sale application accessible through Mobiles as well as a Desktop app was created to sell the coffee for the biggest Coffee producer in MEA – serving millions of users.

Orange Cash - Orange Labs

The famous Orange Cash platform widely used in France, Spain, Romania and a lot of African Countries – a money transfer platform created by Orange Labs.

Dans Le Noir – 3D simulation digital dining rooms - CANADA

This Image processing project created for one of the biggest restaurants chain in Canada (Dans Le Noir) to make their clients feel that they are in the space and not in restaurant in a wonderful dining experience – powerful image processing techniques as well as some powerful computers and Hardware components were used in this project.

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